Friday, May 30, 2008

Kate's quilt

Here's a quilt my daughter Kate made with a charm pack (maybe by RJR Fabrics, but I'm not sure about that). Quilting is a great activity to do with kids--you have to do math to plan for seam allowances, borders and backing fabric. Plus, you learn artistically about design and color, and it's a great way to get some motor coordination on the sewing machine as well.
Kate chose the fabric she wanted, though I helped a little with choosing the inner border fabric. I helped a little with pressing, especially at first. I also helped with sewing on the inner border and binding. Kate did the rest by herself. She was six when she finished this quilt. She sleeps with it on her bed, and she's very proud of it. She showed it to the ladies at our local quilt store, who (rightfully) fawned over it.
I think at school today you get a lot of credit for trying your best, even if you don't do well or even finish your work. Quilting gives you a sense of satisfaction in the finished item and pleasure in its creation as well (especially a small one--the squares are only 5").

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