Friday, May 30, 2008

Free motion quilting practice

This quilt has gone to live with my mom. I think in order to really learn free-motion quilting, you have to practice on a quilt, not just 10" sandwiches. Also, it's helpful to have someone close to you who doesn't quilt and who doesn't mind keeping your "mistakes." Mom actually likes this quilt.

I used this whole-cloth fabric, which is actually gorgeous fabric, and my older machine without a stitch regulator, to practice several stitches and my technique. Isn't the chartreuse backing fabric just gorgeous?

I think if I do a quilt like this in the future, I'd probably at least cut the fabric at the repeat and rotate it 180 degrees, so the whole quilt isn't quite so repetitive looking. Symmetry is great in quilts, but I don't like repetitiveness.

I'm getting better at stipple quilting. Loops aren't my forte, yet--I think you need to develop muscle or movement memory for them, and I just haven't done them enough. I think I have swirls down, for their shape, but my stitches get too long. In any free-motion pattern with corners or edges, I just get all befuddled. I really need to work on those.

As you can see, my cat thinks this quilt was a success. Lilo is so helpful in the photography process.

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