Friday, April 11, 2008

Lauren's quilt

This is a small quilt I did last year--the fourth quilt I've made--to practice my free-motion technique. I realized that the areas you do not quilt get puffy, so as you can see on the second photo, the ladies stand out a bit more.
The pattern is a modified attic windows that I found online. You don't have to do any inset seams for this pattern, and it's really easy. You make strips of fabric the length of your square, and then do half-square triangles for the corners.
This quilt needs to have the binding fixed. After a few washes, I realized that I didn't do a very good job putting on the binding. Also, I think I would add a border to the outside of the quilt. And I think I also would have made the top and sides of the windows with a little more contrast. But my four year-old loves this little quilt, so maybe I should quit criticizing.

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