Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Free quilting patterns

Where is the best place to find free quilting patterns?  Please post your links in the comments below.  I've found many fabric distributors and supply manufacturers have free patterns on their websites.  Here is a summary of my favorites:
Often, many retail outlets also offer free patterns to download or view online.  And there are sites which will sell patterns and offer free downloads before you buy.  Another quick list of my favorites:


Mary Emma Allen said...

Great resource, Alison. I'm going to suggest my Quilting and Patchwork blog readers visit you here.

Alison Rasmussen said...

Thanks for visiting! I appreciate your feedback. And if anyone else has a link to free patterns on the web, feel free to post them.

laureneppinger said...

Thanks for this info. I was searching for contemporary quilt patterns, and this lead me to the right place!

Alison said...

So glad I could help!

Manize said...

Thank you for sharing with us.

You have great articles here, keep posting and your blog have one fans today.

Quilt Patterns

curlyrip quilts said...

Thanks Alison this is a great resource for all us patchwork and quilting fanatics going to mention this link on my blog and spread the blog love. Really liking your books and have placed them books on my wish list for 2011