Thursday, January 5, 2012

New life for unfinished quilts - by Quilting Arts

Though I've fallen quite far behind in quilting, and haven't done much lately, I do subscribe to the lovely Quilting Daily newsletter, and found today's article quite inspirational. I'm one of these quilters who loves to start projects, but hates finishing them. 

That's unfortunate, since the quilting is my favorite part.

At any rate, today's blog post by Vivika, "New Life for Your UFOs with Re-imagined Quilt Designs," is simply fantastic. You must check it out! There's a new DVD of Save My UFO [unfinished object] (as seen Quilting Arts TV) that show these segments, available for preorder from the Interweave store, and also a gallery, where you can get advice on your own UFOs.

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