Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Treasures from the attic

This is a quilt my friend Stacy received from her mother this past summer. A little background first:

Stacy was expecting her first baby when the package arrived (in fact, Ella just arrived on Sunday!). Her mother, who is in Minnesota, sent her a package of gifts from friends there (from her shower) to her home here on the west coast.

When Stacy opened the package, she was delighted to find two treasures. This is the first one: the quilt Stacy's mom made for her when Stacy was born. I find it absolutely charming.

Stacy actually remembers her older brother having a suit made from the red gingham. The appliqué is done perfectly, and the colors are bright and bold primary colors--the patterns are solid and gingham. Simple, 1970s and utterly perfect.

The rickrack trim adds texture and character, and the wide red border gives weight to the design.

I have to say--Stacy is a lucky mom, and Ella a lucky little girl--to have this treasure in her family. We were able to gently clean this gorgeous quilt, and it's as fresh, bright and bold as new.

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