Saturday, March 7, 2009

Urban Couture quilt

I finally finished (well, not finally, it didn't really take me that long) a quilt using the Urban Couture jelly rolls I picked up at Beverly's. These are designed by BasicGrey and is produced by Moda. I also used a brown and red Fairy Frost prints (Michael Miller) as accent fabrics and backing. In addition, I used a solid lavender dupioni silk, which I pleated in two strips as a dimensional accent, and a gold cotton/silk blend (I believe by Robert Kaufmann) for the outer border. I used brown Moda bias binding (which I actually buy by the roll now) to complete the quilt.
The pattern is my own. Basically, I assembled the Jelly Roll into strips of five strata, and then cut them into large right triangles. I then sewed those into squares, using Fairy Frost and an extra BasicGrey brown print, and arranged them as I desired.
For quilting, I did straight-line quilting on top of the BasicGrey patterns. Then, I did free-motion quilting throughout all the brown areas, to make the dark areas recede. After adding the binding, I also added some iridescent beads to the centers of each large flower in the brown floral print for added dimension. (I think I'd skip this part, also--too labor intensive, and it doesn't add much to the overall look of the quilt.)
The quilt is about 70" square, finished. If I were to make this pattern again, I think I'd only sew strips of three to four strips together when making the strata, so the squares didn't end up quite so large. I really love the shine silk gives to quilts, though the dupioni frays like crazy. It helped that I used my serger on the edges.


Beloved Daughter said...

I REALLY like this quilt! And the name was very fitting. Who was the lucky recipient?

I like that cat laying on the quilt in the pictures. :) Was the kitty cat sad you gave it away too? :(

a little sewing on the side said...

oh, yes! That is pretty!

Emma (Madame Coutture) said...

That is a very pretty quilt. I love anything with the name couture-almost everything. Your blogs are great! You are very creafty, and girly. Quilts, dolls,and much fun!

Raphael said...

Alison! These are beautiful quilts!! You should get into business! I wonder how much each would cost for a Queen, King or Single Bed? They would also make a nice throw on the couch if ever if you add some nice fringes on them!

Keep it going! In our passions we find our life!

Alison said...

Thanks so much, guys, for the compliments! This quilt was a gift for my sister-in-law Barbara. She loved it.

As far as a business venture goes... I sort of have the opposite of a Midas' touch going on--everything I touch turns into, well, never mind. ;) Plus, the cost of designer fabric--or name brand, such as this lovely stuff--would make these quilts rather pricey for the average consumer, I think. And factor in my time... well, I don't think it's feasible for me, at the moment.

But I do love quilting. It certainly is a lovely creative outlet.