Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dawn's quilt

This is a quilt I started a long time ago and did not like. I didn't use a pattern (imagine the quilt without any purple batik strips on it--so no purple or borders at all), so it wasn't planned very well. I put it in my closet and forgot about it.
My son's physical therapist was planning to move on to another job, so I wanted to make her a quilt (her name is Dawn), so I thought I could fix this one. I used a Ricky Tim's style convergence quilt technique to redesign it, cutting the quilt top into horizontal strips and then inserting purple batik strips. That pulled the whole design together, making the top look like a window, especially after adding matching borders.
I also added a thin pink batik border and a thicker mottled batik border on the outside. For the back, I used a gorgeous purple fabric by Robert Kaufman. (I used the same print on my emerald ocean quilt, only in green, not purple.) I embroidered a label with leftover fabric and appliqued it to the back before assembling the quilt.
I also used acrylic paint by Jacquard (Lumiere) and Pearl-Ex powder to stamp Jake's foot prints next to the label, so Dawn will remember the hard work she did helping him to walk. Jake did not like getting paint on his foot, or even taking his socks off to do the prints, which is why the first foot print came out better than the second.
For quilting, I used variegated Mettler cotton thread, which surprisingly kept breaking. I eventually switched to another spool, and I must have been using a faulty lot. I did free motion stippling in the window pane areas of the quilt and in the ditch around the borders.
I rounded the corners, since I had barely enough bias binding, and that saves yardage. I applied it with my machine and a decorative stitch. Dawn absolutely loved it, and cried when I gave it to her. Jake actually started walking two weeks before she left, which was such a blessing. If you are reading this, Dawn, thanks for everything, and hope you had a great trip!

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